In 2014, MLB unveiled their state of the art Replay Operations Center, a 900-square-foot room at the offices of Major League Baseball Advanced Media in the historic Chelsea Market building. It’s a technological marvel, outfitted with state-of-the-art video equipment. And it’s the nerve center of Major League Baseball’s expanded replay system.

Unfortunately, PHBA is unable to provide the same type of replay facilities and process. While it’s very cool that nowadays everyone has the ability to record awesome and not-so-awesome plays, it is not cool to call out volunteer umpires during a game with a video replay, especially if you haven’t been using it to assist the opposing team as well.

The Blue Crew is a 100% volunteer crew. The ULT has created a training program that all umpires must complete every year – even as volunteers. That said, it is not easy for the Blue Crew, especially newer umpires, to keep up with all the action and rule variances … but we do our best!

Please refrain from approaching the umpires with your 4K, 60FPS, 1080p, HDR TikTok videos. Calling plays in real time is not the same as having video for replay. Until such time, any coach or parent who attempts to show a video to contest a play will be warned. Continued actions will be subject to ejection at the umpire’s discretion.