Managers & Coaches

We Believe In The Power Of Great Preparation And Positive Coaching!

Each team is assigned one manager and one coach. Additional assistant coaches may participate, but only the manager and coach qualify for fulfilling the Service Hours commitment.

Clinic Requirements 

All managers, coaches and assistant coaches must attend at least two Coaching Clinics. All NEW coaches to PHBA must also attend the Positive Coach clinics. Clinics are hosted by PHBA and its partners. Additionally, all manager / coaches must submit an application for a Live Scan background check.

Once all requirements are met, a PHBA badge / sticker will be issued to each manager / coach which must be worn at all games and practices. A new badge is not required every year if you already have one. A new sticker is required every year for every coach.

Background Checks

All coaches must undergo background checks every two years. Please fill out a background check consent form and Live Scan request. You may go to any Live Scan location. Make sure to bring the completed Live Scan request with you.

We are working with a new UPS Store as our preferred location. Unfortunately, our previous agreement has expires and there may be a minimal cost. We are working out the details.

    • You must email the completed Consent Form to Gary Brown.
    • Contact your commissioner if you have any questions or concerns.
Team Manager

Team managers are responsible for the overall strategy of the team, practices, game-day decisions, and guidance of their team families. The manager ensures the team works together to learn the game of baseball / softball and elevate their abilities. The manager is ultimately responsible for representing the team and resolving any potential conflicts on and off the field.

The team manager is assisted by a coach and the team coordinator to plan and communicate all team activities.

Team Coach

The team coach is responsible for assisting the team manager with all team activities. Coaches represent the team and is responsible for the players when the manager is unable to attend a game, practice or other team activity.

Assistant Coaches

Assistant coaches help out the manager and coach during games and practices at the manager's discretion. Any parent can be an assistant coach as long as they meet the same requirements as manager / coach and have been issued a current badge.

Coach Clinics

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