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 PHBA is different from other leagues in two key aspects: every kid plays and we are an all-volunteer non-profit league.  Our parents & guardians are critical to the success of the League and community of families.  To provide a high level of sportsmanship and play, PHBA established a League Service Hours (LSH) program in order to encourage volunteer participation.  This LSH program consists of two distinct volunteer opportunities.  One, Team-centered  and, Two, non-team centered. Each opportunity has their own LSH requirements that need to be met to satisfy a parent/guardian's volunteer responsibilities.

Your service commitment contributes to the sense of community at PHBA.  We believe your contributions help us all learn more about baseball & softball - on and off the field as well as support the kids in their ability to learn and play the game of baseball/softball.  You’ll make some great new friends and memories as well.  While every family has an option to buy out their service hours, your commitment to the League in service hours is worth much more to us than your money.

Below are some of the many opportunities families have to contribute to the League in service hours.  There are others that come up throughout the year as well.  Once teams are formed, your team manager will request volunteers to complete the team volunteer form.  Filling your team's volunteer positions before other non-team volunteer opportunities is a priority to ensure your team's success.  If team volunteer slots are filled, other non-team volunteer opportunities (i.e., Opening Day, Photo Day, special events, closing ceremonies, etc.) will present themselves for you to complete your LSH requirements.

League Service Hours Program

Pleasant Hill Baseball Association is an all volunteer youth Baseball and Softball league.  All PHBA families are required to volunteer to perform League Service Hours (LSH).  The LSH program requires a parent/adult commitment of 4 hours per child (maximum of 8 hours for two or more children per family).

To encourage volunteer participation, all families agree at registration to pay a league-determined amount if they fail to complete their League Service Hours.  The LSH obligation fee is separate from the annual registration fee, and is only paid if the League Service Hours are not met..  The LSH obligation fee is $500 per child per family ($1000 max for 2 kids or more per family).

An invoice will be sent to the family for the full League Service Hours fee at the end of the season.  This LSH fee must be paid before registration in the following year or it will be applied to their next season's registration fee.

It takes a lot of volunteer time to make PHBA successful.  Your time is more valuable to our players than your money.  However, should you prefer not to volunteer, you may buy out your obligation for $500 per child, with a maximum of $1000 per family.

For Instructional and Intermediate, use this form.

For Pioneer through Western, use this form.

Team Umpire Recruitment Incentive (TURI)

The Team Umpire Recruitment Incentive (TURI) is a team fee designed to incentivize a team's parents to support their manager/coaches in filling the team-required volunteer umpire position.  The TURI fee is $800.

Each team in Pioneer, American, National, and Western division are required to supply at least one (1) or a maximum of two (2) parent volunteers to be their team umpire(s). Each umpire must complete a minimum of four (4) games towards satisfying the team's 8-game umpire commitment for the 16-game season.  The umpire requirements can be found on the PHBA Umpires page.

Any team failing to provide at least one umpire on their Team Volunteer form at the time of their team gear bag pickup will be required to pay the TURI Fee to get their team's gear bag.  The TURI fee is separate from the Registration fee.  Failure to pay the TURI fee at the time of gear bag pickup will result in an invoice sent at the end of the season to the team's parents for their portion of the TURI fee (excluding manager/coaches).  Failure to pay their portion of the TURI fee before the next season will result in that amount being applied to the next season's registration fee.

Team umpires who fail to complete their 4-game minimum will be assessed the same LSH obligation fee as parent/adult volunteers who fail to complete their League Service Hours commitment.  An invoice will be sent to the team umpire at the end of the season.  Failure to pay the LSH obligation fee before the next season will result in the LSH fee being applied to next season's registration fee.