Volunteer Opportunities

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PHBA is different from other leagues in two key aspects: every kid plays and we are an all-volunteer non-profit league. Our parents & guardians are critical to the success of the League and community of families. In order to provide a high level of sportsmanship and play, PHBA established a League Service Hours Program in order to encourage volunteer participation. Every registered family is required to complete four (4) hours of service hours per registered player. 

Your service commitment contributes to the sense of community at PHBA. We believe your contributions help us all learn more about baseball & softball - on and off the field. You’ll make some great new friends and memories as well. While every family has an option to buy out the service hours, your commitment to the League in service hours is much greater than money.

Below are the many opportunities families have to contribute to the League in service hours. There are other opportunities that come up throughout the year as well. Once the teams are formed, your team manager will request volunteers to complete the team volunteer form. In addition to team volunteer positions, you will have the opportunity to sign up for service hours for opening day, snack shack, special events and closing ceremonies.

League Service Hours Program

To encourage volunteer participation we have our League Service Hours agreement. Families who do not complete the required service commitment will be required to pay a fee, separate from the annual registration amount.

The Service Hours program requires a service commitment of 4 hours per child (maximum of 8 hours for two or more children per family) along with a refundable fee of $500 per child (with a maximum of $800 for two or more children). Families will be required to agree to the Service Hours program, separate from the Registration fee, during the registration process.

Following the completion of a league service commitment and a signed off Service Hours form (see Sign Off section below) or authorized sign-up sheet, PHBA will refund the Service Hours Fee.

If service assignments are not completed, checks held will be deposited, cash held will not be refunded, all credit cards on hold with League Athletics or any manual credit card receipts will be charged by PHBA on June 15. “NO EXCEPTIONS”.

A $ 25.00 service fee will be invoiced to the player account for all returned credit card charges or checks deposited.

For Instructional and Intermediate, use this form.

For Pioneer through Western, use this form.

Team Umpire Recruitment Incentive (TURI)

It is required that each team in Pioneer, American, National, and Western division supply a trained umpire for a minimum of 12 games. The umpire requirements can be found on the umpire page. TEAMs that are unable to satisfy this requirement will be required to pay a TURI fee if the 12 game umpire requirement is not fulfilled for the team.

The TURI program requires a League Volunteer Commitment of 12 games umpired per team (maximum of 2 umpires per team) along with a refundable fee of $50 per player (with a maximum of $100 for two or more children). Families will be required to agree to a TURI Fee, separate from the Registration fee, during the registration process.