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Our Umpire Leadership Team (ULT) is composed of many decades of volunteerism and dedication to the League, even many many years after our kids have left the League. We take great pride in training our volunteer umpires to do their best for the kids as the Umpire Crew for the League. To that end, we put a ton of effort and expect a certain minimum level of effort in return from our parents. We do recognize everyone is busy and do our best to make the training clinics efficient and worth the time.

Never umpired before? Don't fret - we have created a comprehensive training program for umpires of all levels. We make sure that every umpire is putting their best foot forward when stepping onto the field  - no different than every player and coach.

Ultimately, our goal is to develop a confident, skilled umpire officiating crew for our kids. Even though we’re an all-volunteer league, we have high standards for our Crew and our offseason activities help keep us sharp year round.

Training Requirements

New Umpires to PHBA

  • Brand new umpires with little or no experience
  • Includes umpires from other leagues / associations
  • Base Umpire Training
    • Classroom Clinic
    • Field Day Training Level 1 / 2
  • Plate Training
    • Classroom Clinic
    • New umpires must work at least
      4 games as Base Umpire
  • Umpires will be Adults Only
    • Youths, 17 or under, high school seniors and below, cannot represent a team
    • Youths, 14 - 17, may participate in the Youth Umpire Program

Returning PHBA Umpires

  • Umpire Field Day Training based on assigned Level from the previous year
  • Never hurts to attend a Classroom Clinic to refresh your memory and skills

New Requirement for ALL Umpires 2023

  • Upon completion of required training, all umpires must obtain of background check through the Department of Justice.
  • The only exception is if you have already completed a background check as a PHBA coach in the past.
  • Complete the DOJ Live Scan Form
  • Complete the PHBA Background Check Questionnaire and Declaration Form (Consent)
  • The Live Scan form should be completed and taken to the Pleasant Hill UPS store located 25A Crescent Drive to have the fingerprints taken. The background check fee is covered by PHBA if conducted at this location.
  • The PHBA Volunteer Background Check Questionnaire and Declaration Form  should be sent as a PDF attachment to Gary Brown, Custodian of Criminal Records.


Umpires New to PHBA from other leagues / associations

  • We recognize we get umpires from other leagues with varying levels of experience.  With that in mind, we still require all new umpires to PHBA attend the Classroom Clinic in order to obtain a better grasp on how we run the Blue Crew at PHBA. Let us know right away you have experience.  We’ll put “extra eyes on you” during Field Day training and fast track you to the appropriate level once evaluated by the ULT.

The Curriculum

PHBA Rules | Classroom Clinics

Advanced Mechanics

Clinics & Events

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Clinic & Event Descriptions