Umpire Leadership Team

The Umpire Leadership Team (ULT) is comprised of several decades of experienced volunteer umpires whose goal is to provide leadership, administration, and instruction to new and returning umpires.  Our objective is to to prepare our Blue Crew for the rigors and requirements of umpiring baseball and softball while making it an enjoyable experience.

The ULT is responsible for all members of the Blue Crew, their conduct, and all other officiating responsibilities and issues that may surface during the season.  The team works in conjunction with the league's Board of Commissioners and Head Commissioner to insure the boys and girls in PHBA receive umpires trained in the league's principles and philosophies of Positive Coaching and the critical elements of the game.

Chief Ray Wrice

Ray Wrice "Chief"

Chief Umpire


Victor Umaña

Crew Chief, Western


Brian Turner

Crew Chief, National


Sumit Mahay

Crew Chief, American


Raul Ortega

Crew Chief, Pioneer


"The Bake"

Chief Emeritus


Rick Landry

Chief Emeritus

Brian Lee

Brian Lee

Crew Chief, Rules


Jim Libby

Assoc. Crew Chief