A Letter from The Chief

The expectations for our umpires are high because in the end it's about the kids!

WELCOME to the Exciting World of the volunteer PHBA Umpire!

On behalf of PHBA, the Umpire Leadership Team (ULT), myself, and all members of the Blue Crew, I want to welcome you and your children to a new season of PHBA baseball and softball!  If you’re reading this page, it means you’ve considered, been asked to consider, or forced to consider the exciting world of being a volunteer umpire at PHBA. ;o)  Thank you for entertaining the possibility of entering  this time-honored profession in baseball and softball.

The single mission of the PHBA Blue Crew, the Umpire Leadership Team, and me is to put the best possible umpire product on the field for the kids, regardless of age group or number of games you plan to do.  Whether you umpire 4 games or 40, we will do everything we can to make you feel comfortable on the field and prepared to give your best game to the kids.  It is the least we can do as volunteers.

As a member of our illustrious Blue Crew, you will be part of a group of men and women that, over the 19 years of my association with PHBA, have developed a level of professionalism and enthusiasm about the game of baseball and softball that is the envy of other youth programs in the Bay area and rivals some of the better paid-umpire associations.  We have a core group of volunteer umpires who take great pride in the product we put on the field and are willing to put that pride on display consistently for other members of the Blue Crew to emulate.

From the members of the ULT, with almost 100 years umpiring experience, to our training team and veterans, our focus will be on making you comfortable and confident to give your best on the field.  Once trained, several things will happen.  One, your umpiring schedule will be yours to set based on the schedules of your child and you.  Two, for the games you schedule, you will be paired with with a veteran umpire.  Three, for the games you work, evaluations will be completed on you in order to assist in your development and improvement as an umpire.  Additionally, these evaluations are used to determine your readiness for advancement to the next LEVEL of umpiring at PHBA.  Finally, we will have opportunities during the season to meet as a unit to talk shop, listen to your experiences, problems, or questions you may have about umpiring or how the season is going.  From all this, we hope you will not limit yourself to the 4-game minimum but look at taking on other games when you see how much fun we have on the field.

I know umpiring may seem intimidating, but PHBA adheres to the principals and philosophies of Positive Coaching.  This does much to dampen overzealousness of the coaches, players, and fans in the stands.  Additionally, you will work with a veteran umpire during your games plus have the full support of the ULT leadership as you conduct the business of umpiring.  You have our assurance we will give you the tools to put your best product on the field for the kids plus have fun doing it.  Everything we do, we do for the kids.

Please, come join us in the PHBA Blue Crew.  We are proud of who we are as PHBA umpires and hope you will be equally as proud to be a PHBA umpire.  It is THE volunteer opportunity for being outside in the sun and blue sky experiencing the game of baseball and softball from the best seat in the house.  If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail me at:


I am always available to talk umpiring and baseball/softball.  I look forward to seeing you all on the ball fields.

Ray A. Wrice
Chief Umpire

Chief Ray Wrice