Welcome back PHBA parents! It has been a difficult 7 months since we last touched the fields so I hope you all are healthy and well. We are pleased to announce the 2021 season registration will now be open. There are a lot of unknowns that I will try to explain but for a league of our size we must get started now. Running an association with this many moving parts takes an army of volunteers and countless hours of effort. This is the plan for running a successful season if we have the opportunity to play games and the backup plan if we don’t.

There are 4 scenarios that we currently face.

Scenario 1. Playing a season as normal. Teams are formed and we start practice in February. Opening day will be on Saturday March 13. The opening day parade is up in the air but all of you will be updated on that event once we have the green light to proceed. Season ending playoffs will be concluded with Championship Saturday games on June 5, 2021. This scenario is the overwhelming favorite, so keep your fingers crossed.

Scenario 2. Teams are formed and there is a delayed start to playing games. Practices will start with a maximum of 12 players per team. Those 12 players will stay within their team but will not be allowed to play games or scrimmages until Contra Costa Health Services says we can. If you would like to know what level the county is in, please visit this website. https://www.coronavirus.cchealth.org/ Teams will continue to practice together until we get the ok to play. In this scenario, there is a high likelihood the game schedule will be shortened but teams will be ready and players will improve. If we start a season, we will still have playoffs and name a champion in each division that has playoffs.

Scenario 3. A season of practice. In this scenario, teams are formed and commissioners and coaches of each league will hold weekly practices throughout the season. As of now, Pleasant Hill Rec and Park has been an outstanding partner with PHBA in allowing us to continue as long as we adhere to the county guidelines. If we do not fall back into the purple category and remain in the red category, we will be able to practice with 12 players per team. In this scenario, no games will be played and the season will end May 30, 2021.

Scenario 4. Teams are formed but can’t start practice. Teams are formed, we start practice but are told to shut down. Teams are formed we start practice, start playing games and then told to shut down. Both of these scenarios can happen so please be prepared for that.


Currently we are limited on field space. Our season will include a schedule that plays games Monday-Sunday. Monday-Friday will start at 5pm, Saturday games will start at 8am, and Sunday games will start at noon. It will be a packed schedule so if we do play games it will be imperative teams are on and off the fields once their games start and finish.


A $100 non refundable deposit is required to register all players. Our fee will not be going up this year but parents will now pay the transaction charge during registration. This will be on a first come first served basis and we may need to waitlist players depending on how many players register. Believe me, we don’t want to waitlist any players but we have to stay within the 12 players per team guidelines and as stated above we are limited on fields and field times. Your deposit will be refunded if under the unfortunate scenario your player does not get assigned to a team. Your $100 deposit pays for your player to be assigned to a team and buys them a month of practice.

Once the season starts on March 13, you will receive a second invoice for the remainder of the league fee. If the season end abruptly this is how it will be calculated. 10 weeks of play. $110 remaining invoice. If we play 2 weeks you will be refunded 80% of the $110 invoice or $88. If we play 5 weeks, you will be refunded 50% of the reaming invoice or $55 and so on. After May 23, 2021 there will be no refunds as the regular season will be complete. This includes any make up games. If you have 2 or more players registered you refund % will be calculated based on the total amount of registration cost. Your discount for multiple players will be on the March 13 invoice. The $100 deposit will be for each registered player.


During the registration process you will be asked if you would like a PHBA yearbook. If you would like one, you must check the box. We will order the exact amount of yearbooks parents want.

This has been a very trying time for everyone. We are going to do everything in our power to provide a fun, exciting and challenging experience for your child. We will need cooperation and help in doing this. The fields will be packed every game. There could be multiple games on every field. For example, Roger Smith could have a boys American game and an Instructional 4 game going on at the same time. With limited parking, we as an association have to be aware of where and how we park. It is likely Sunday games will be scheduled which in the past has only been makeup games. The goal is to provide our kids a full season and not turn players away with the limited field space and the size of the league. We are working on every possible scenario to make a 2021 season possible and successful so expect a few changes.

Our community has been through a lot but we will come through this stronger. Please know that we are doing everything within the guidelines to keep players safe and provide a rewarding baseball/softball experience for our children. We look forward to seeing you all on the fields.

Steve Peters
PHBA Board President