Greetings PHBA Volunteers:

To assist us in keeping track of each team’s volunteer assignments, PHBA has created this form with which volunteers need to register.  If you signed up to volunteer for one of your team’s positions, please fill out this form to assist us in identifying who is where.  A Snack Shack sign up and schedule is on the cusp of completion – I will send out a separate email when it goes live.

For Team Coordinators, we have a link here to our much-promised (and worth the wait) Q&A sheet.  This should answer all of your questions.

For Team Basket Q&A, please check out this link.

For Team Basket Ideas, please look to this link.

Once again, thank you for your volunteer efforts – what you do is a major part of each successful PHBA season.


The Pleasant Hill Baseball Association Board

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  1. Lulu on March 20, 2021 at 6:41 pm

    Hi, where can I signup for other volunteer opportunities to complete the required LAFF hours (4 hrs per child for the deposit for the refundable fee of $200 per child)? In the past years there were volunteer opportunities at Snack Shack, Opening Day, Photo Day, and Parents Banquet, etc. available online but not sure if it’s changed this year with COVID and I can’t seem to find the signup place on the website. Thank you.

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