Blue Crew

The Blue Crew Mission

To do our utmost, through training and mentoring, to be professional and conscientious in our performance as umpires to put the best possible product on the field for the kids and have fun doing it.
It's a great way to fulfill your volunteer hours from the best seat in the house.

Our Philosophy

The Blue Crew and umpire training program are led by the Umpire Leadership Team (ULT) with Chief Ray Wrice at the helm.  The ULT takes great pride in developing umpires utilizing a strong training and mentoring program to help you learn quickly and feel comfortable in your responsibilities.  Whether you're new to umpiring at PHBA or refreshing your skills from past seasons, our simplified approach to learning the rules and training on the field ensures you are equipped with the necessary skills to be successful as an umpire and put your best game on the field for the kids.

COVID-19 Protocols for Umpires

League commissioners and team managers are ultimately responsible for enforcing PHBA COVID-19 Safety Guidelines & Protocols for Practice & Game Activities. However as umpires, we have an inherent duty to ensure the safety of the players. This includes calling attention to any egregious actions that may pose a health risk. This is in the best interest to the league and ultimately the kids and our community.

All umpires, new and returning, should read and become familiar with the Covid-19 Safety Guidelines & Protocols for Practice and Game Activities set forth by PHBA. The following are the key game protocols all umpires must adhere to while officiating any scrimmages or games.

We realize that many of our most seasoned umpires are hesitant to officiate this year due to safety concerns. Unfortunately, umpires and coaches are not yet covered by current priority lists for sports staffing outside those employed by school districts. However, we do hope that the county’s recent announcement that qualifies anyone over the age of 50 will encourage those that qualify to get vaccinated to ease concerns in conjunction with our comprehensive safety protocols already in place. Please note that the League and ULT are doing everything possible to promote a safe environment for the kids and everyone involved to play ball.

Here's What You'll Learn


The first rule of umpiring is to know the rules of the game. This sounds simple enough, but these few rules have so many applications that it can be difficult to apply the rules properly in real time. This is why we pair rookies with veterans and we always strive to have 2 umpires per game.

Find your Voice

Umpires need to be clear and they need to be heard. The non-verbal movements are great, but there is nothing better than an umpire who makes definitive calls.


Knowing where to be comes with preparation and experience. We will supply you with the tools to be prepared and you will make the time to gain the experience. This time gives you the chance to create an awesome experience for the kids.


Looking the part goes a long way to acting the part. We will prepare you with the shirt and hat. You add the pants and shoes to complete the look. We strive to look like we belong on the field, just like the other two teams on the field!


It is important to recognize your number one job when communicating with coaches and managers. Keep your cool. Recognize you are the only one on the field who does not care about the outcome of the game.

Scheduling Games

Schedule your own games based on your schedule. We understand there are many demands on your time and we provide you the best chance to get games in. Many umpires schedule games on the day of the game while others schedule many weeks out.


The Public wouldn't like the perfect umpire in every game. It would kill off baseball's greatest alibi - "we was robbed!"

Billy Evans