When: Saturday, 11FEB
Time: 0730-1600 (730-4PM)
Where: PHBA ‘Sports Complex’ aka Snack Shack & PO Fields

Field Day training is mandatory for all PHBA umpires.  The Field Day is broken out into 3 segments designed specifically for the proficiency LEVEL assigned each umpire prior to the Field Day.
Segment 1 – LEVEL 1 – Base training for all LEVEL 1 (NEW and Returning) and returning LEVEL 2 (4 games or less last year) umpires
Segment 2 – LEVEL 3 – Plate training for returning LEVEL 2 and Base Only umpires (LEVEL 4 and above) wanting to expand their
Segment 3 – LEVEL 3 umpires looking to advance to the next LEVEL and LEVEL 4 and above umpires to improve, refresh, and expand
their game presence and game management capabilities.

Complete details of the Field Day segments can be found on the website under Volunteers/Umpires/Umpire Training/Clinic Description

          What: LEVEL 1 Base Training (NEW umpires; Returning LEVEL 1 & 2 umpires
[4 games or less from last season)
          Time: 0730-1030
          Where: PHBA ‘Sports Complex’ aka Snack Shack & PO Fields

For all new umpires, this segment of Field Day training is Step 2 in the process towards becoming a PHBA umpire.  This portion of the Field Day applies what was learned in the classroom and prepares the new umpire for the responsibilities of a LEVEL 1 Base umpire.  This segment is also required for returning LEVEL 1 and 2 umpires to reacquaint themselves to the game.

          What: LEVEL 3 Plate Training (Returning LEVEL 2s, 4s & Above Base only)
          Time: 1030-1230
          Where: PHBA ‘Sports Complex’ aka Snack Shack & PO Fields

For returning LEVEL 2 and LEVEL 4 & Above Base Only umpires wanting to be Plate umpires.  Base-qualified umpires who believe they are ready to handle the rigors and responsibilities behind the plate.  Umpires learn the requirements of being a Plate umpire.

Returning LEVEL 3 and above umpires should use this as a refresher in plate mechanics to prepare for the coming season.

          What: Blue Crew Field Day Lunch
          Time:  1230-1315
          Where:  PHBA ‘Sports Complex’ aka Snack Shack

All Hands PHBA-provided lunch for both morning and afternoon Field Day attendees.  New umpires can meet and associate with returning veteran umpires; returning veteran umpires can reestablish old relationships from the previous season.  A way to transition from the morning training to the the afternoon sessions.

          What: LEVEL 4 and Above Advanced Mechanics
          Time: 1330-1600
          Where: PHBA ‘Sports Complex’ aka Snack Shack & PO Fields

The final segment of Field Day training is set aside for  LEVEL 3 and above umpires.  Umpires wanting to move to the next LEVEL; learn advanced mechanics for National and Western level games; learning the role of Umpire in Chief (UIC) for all divisions; and understanding the rule differences at the upper divisions.  Additionally, review game management responsibilities, handling disruptive behavior (managers, fans, players, etc.), review and understand any rule changes (House, MLB, PONY, USA Softball, etc.) for the new season.