With the 2020 season lost, I continued to work on a project I started prior to the 2019 season.  I wanted to format the PHBA rules to be published.  In Sept 2020, as part of that process I wrote the following forward.  As we count down the last week toward Opening Day 2021, I would like to share it with you.

On Thursday the 12th of March, the PHBA Board of Directors decided to follow the guidance of other civic organizations and government and put the season on hold in response to the growing unease over the spread of COVID-19.  At the time, we planned for a two week stoppage in play.  We could not have known at the time that the games played that night would be the final games of the 2020 season.

As each week went by we worked to salvage even one game.  When the season was lost we hoped we could organize an impromptu summer season.  In the end, we all felt like Charlie Brown, standing on the mound, in the rain, after yet another loss.  There was no joy in Mudville.

During the first video ULT meeting after the world was shut down, Brian Turner asked us to share how we were doing and how the response to COVID-19 had affected us individually.  As I thought about my response over the next few days, I realized how the effects on my faith, family and work had affected me personally.  I also realized how much PHBA and the ULT had become a part of who I am.  This project, continued connection with the ULT and making every effort to at least play catch with my children, have helped keep me grounded during the last 5 months and give me hope that the world will regain its balance.

Hopefully, regardless of our politics, health situations or economic problems, soon we can gather together again and hear the umpire shout, “Play Ball!”

Brian Lee, Crew Chief over Rules

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