2021 PH Allstars Softball Teams


Nick Barton & Chris Scallin: phpanthersfastpitch@gmail.com

Summer Tournament Teams – “PH Allstars”

Beginning in the Summer of 2020, the summer tournament softball teams changed their names to “PH Allstars”, similar to the baseball summer tournament teams made up of PHBA house ball players. The number of teams will be determined by the number of available/qualified Managers and the number of girls at the time of try outs. PH Allstar teams will play in four external tournaments and one PHBA ran tournament, starting in the June and going through August. Tryouts for the PH Allstar teams will take place in May for the upcoming summer season. Although team practices may start prior to the end to the PHBA house ball season, players must place commitment to house ball teams above PH Allstars team practices.

Team manager selection – Any current PHBA house ball coach that is interested in being a manager should email the Panther Commissioners (phpanthersfastpitch@gmail.com) expressing their interest and providing a brief listing of coaching experience by May 7th to be considered for the upcoming summer season. The commissioners may attend one or more of your current team practices, games, and talk to the current house ball commissioner(s) and parents of your current team.

Eligibility – All players must have played in the PHBA house league or Summer PH Allstars team in at least one of the last two years. Up to two “waived players” from outside organizations may be eligible to participate. Some exceptions to this policy may apply, depending on the numbers of players and registration cut off dates. Exceptions are intended where a PH Allstars Team Manager believes he/she needs to add a pitcher or catcher to achieve a basic level of competitiveness. The Panthers Commissioner(s) must approve all exceptions to this policy before additional “waived” player are accepted on a team.

Financial Commitment – Cost for the summer team has not been determined at this time, estimated costs are $600-$750, payment options will be available. This cost will include a visor, two personalized game jerseys, one practice jersey, and personalized batting helmet. The cost also covers coaches’ jerseys, tournament entry fees and related cost. There will also be expenses related to travel, that are not covered in the player fees above.

Thank You for Your Time & Interest in the PH Allstars!

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