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"The public wouldn't like the perfect umpire in every game. It would kill off baseball's greatest alibi - 'We was robbed.'"

Billy Evans


Scheduling Games - It's Different This Year!

Visit the Blue Crew game scheduling site.

In order to sign up for an account on this site, your must first have an active account on the main PHBA site.

The PHBA Website is http://www.phba.org. This is the site where you signed up your players if you are a parent volunteer. If you are a relative of the player and would like to umpire, you must still have an account in PHBA. You will simply signup as a relative of the player. You may need to request that the parent who signed up the player assist you with the sign up.

There is one known issue that may prevent you from being successful. If you have used the same email address for multiple user accounts in PHBA, your account may not have come into the PHBA Blue Crew site automatically.

If you are unsure about how to sign up or you are having issues signing into either the PHBA or the PHBA Blue Crew sites, , with the following information for each umpire having issues:

Name, Address, Phone, Email Address, Player Name to be represented, and Relationship to the player.

Once we have this information, we can confirm your account is setup and ready to go.

Volunteer to be a PHBA Umpire

The Blue Crew has openings and we are ready to fill them. Are you ready to support the organization and your child's team by volunteering to umpire? , to sign up today!

Opening Day Traffic Control Volunteers are needed.

The Blue Crew has responsibility for managing traffic flow and child dropoff at Sequoia Middle School prior to the start of the Opening Day parade as well as maintaining safe and clear pathways around PHMS and the Snack Shack in preparation for the parade's arrival.  Join us to get the 2018 season kicked off. Contact to sign up.

Umpire Leadership Team (ULT) Meetings

Beginning with the 1st Wednesday in January of 2018 (04JAN), the ULT meets every Wednesday at 1900 (7PM) at the PHBA Snack Shack to start preparing for Opening Day and the 2018 season.  The 4th Wednesday is open to the general PHBA membership to bring any issues or concerns.

The ULT shifts its meeting schedule after Opening Day (03MAR) to the 2nd and 4th Wednesday at 2000 (8PM) each month until the last PHBA tournament in July. The 4th Wednesday is still open to the general membership to bring any issues or concerns.

Need to return equipment?

If you have umpired in prior years and DO NOT plan to umpire in the 2018 season, the ULT needs you to return your shirts and plate gear (if assigned) as soon as possible.  Please bring your stuff to the Snack Shack any Wednesday now through the end of February between 1900 (7PM) and 2100 (9PM).  Contact or to arrange a different dropoff time.

Calendar Updates.

New Training Dates have been posted. more info...