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​​2017 Umpire Leadership Team

Chief Umpire  Ray Wrice ( )
Umpire Coordinator Diane Basker ( )
Crew Chiefs  
  Crew Chief-At-Large John O'Dea ( )
  Crew Chief (Mentoring) Shawn Draper ( )
  Crew Chief  Brian Dinsmore ( )
  Crew Chief  Sumit Mahay ( )
Chief Emeritus  
  Rick Landry  
  Chris Baker  


What is a Chief Emeritus?


Emeritus Recognition

Emeritus recognition is an honor granted to an individual by an organization/institution in recognition of the service and contributions made by the individual during the honoree’s tenure with the organization/institution that enhanced, improved, and advanced the organization’s mission and goals.


PHBA Chief Emeritus

The Umpire Leadership Team may grant Chief Emeritus status to a retiring or departing Chief Umpire.  The Umpire Leadership Team seeks to recognize and support the experience, ability, capacity, and motivation of the departed Chief who wish to make a continuing contribution to their umpiring disciplines and PHBA.


Chief Emeritus status is reserved to honor, in retirement or departure, a Chief Umpire who has provided outstanding leadership and distinguished service to Pleasant Hill Baseball Association and has served a significant portion of his or her PHBA volunteer career as an active umpire of the PHBA Blue Crew.


Outstanding and distinguished service is defined as service which goes beyond the normal
duties and responsibilities of PHBA volunteerism, and which have had extraordinary impact on PHBA and the Blue Crew community.  Emeritus status is given to an individual who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and contributions to PHBA, exemplifying the highest standards of personal and professional integrity, civic responsibility, vision and leadership.


The designation identifies the retiring or departing Chief Umpire as a continuing member of the PHBA umpire crew.  The title of Chief Emeritus may be awarded posthumously.


Emeritus Honours/Privileges

In addition to the honours accorded those with the "Emeritus" designation, the “Emeritus” designee may receive the following privileges:

1.  Open invitation to be a voting member of the PHBA Umpire Leadership Team;

2.  Opportunities to remain engaged in such PHBA umpire activities as ULT meetings, game commitments, tournaments, mentorship, training, and strategic planning;

3.  Opportunity to submit or introduce to the ULT, ideas, suggestions, or proposals that either improve PHBA for the kids or enhance the PHBA Blue Crew community in their role as umpires;

4.  Opportunity to request of the ULT, financial assistance for tasks or projects as may be undertaken by the Emeritus designee for continuing improvement of the PHBA Blue Crew;

5.  Access to PHBA facilities and work space to support tasks or projects, depending on availability and resource demands and as approved by the ULT;


These "honours and privileges" may be renewed annually, amended or discontinued as determined by PHBA Umpire Leadership Team.  If changes occur, every attempt will be made to give prior notice to the individuals.